Tuesday, September 10, 2013

God's Provision

Fall is just around the corner. And I eagerly await the beauty of the fall leaves, the brisk morning air and how the woods around our home take on a distinct woodsy scent of the season. There's also ACC Football to enjoy with lots of rivalry in my area. Or more local, high school football. If I'm fortunate perhaps a trip to the mountains which parades the season's glory from their valley to the highest peak for all to see. Soon neighbors will be displaying their fall regalia of pumpkins, colorful door wreaths and Halloween décor.  It's a season that passes much too soon for me. 

As we enjoy the season it may not be a joyful season for others.  You probably know someone who has lost a loved one, dealing with a sickness, wondering how they will provide food for their families, battling depression, a marriage that needs healing or just needs to know someone cares.  So as you view God's beauty be open to how you can share your bounty, a kind word, donate to a local food pantry or take time to write a note to encourage. Be open to share the 'joy' that is in you and how they can have true joy even in tough times.

You may know others who are going through tough financial times or are unemployed. May I recommend a book that you can share with someone who needs encouragement or for yourself.  "God's Provision in Tough Times" is 25 personal true stories written by others who have struggled in times of financial and unemployment crisis. Some are award winning authors in their genre. Whether struggles are in those areas or some other area the reader will gain an appreciation for the vulnerability as each person shares from their heart that life has not always been rosy.

We all have or will have valley moments. This book shares hope and how faith got them through times of despair that we all encounter at some time in our life. This book is written from a Christian worldview.  Cynthia Howerter and La-Tan Roland Murphy have done a wonderful job compiling stories that include their own struggles. This is an encouraging book for anyone and especially those who may be struggling during this time of high unemployment.  This book is available at Amazon.com and CBD.com
And you have an opportunity to win a FREE COPY of  "God's Provision in Tough Times".  Just leave a comment here in response to "God's Provision" posting and you will be entered in the drawing.  I will select one name from those who respond. (one response per person) You have until September 25th to be entered.  If you become a new 'follower member' of my blog and write a response I will enter your name twice. I will post the winner after the 25th on my blog.

So pull out your sweaters, put away your flip flops and enjoy God's gift of the season.


  1. What an encouraging post, Daphne! You're right, it's so hard to look at God's creation and stay depressed. And I love Autumn. It's my favorite time of the year. :)