Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Facebook Finds the Writer Within"

What is it about Facebook that so many people are drawn to join? It’s a way of communicating your opinions, ideas and life experiences. You select who your audience is depending on who you add as a ‘Friend’ or even make it available to the ‘public’. Within reason you can publish photos and words of your own choosing.

In many ways it’s similar to writing a book, article or story. You write based on your experiences and interests. As a writer, you somewhat select your audience based on the readers of your particular genre and you’ll have some who will read your writing because they know you personally or know your friends. In writing your desire is to entertain, inform, influence and keep your reader reading.

Who knew that Facebook would become the entity that it has. Companies use it as a way to promote their service or products? They want you to hit the “Like” button which says that you agree with them, their philosophy or their product. And when you post to your Facebook page you are promoting yourselves in a way. You strive to have readers read your post and comment, right? It can also be a way to promote your causes, whether it’s “Save the Whales” or “Cure for Cancer” for example.

So perhaps you didn’t join Facebook to become a writer. But you are writing and people are reading. Writing fiction is a way to convey the passions, beliefs, interests of your characters that help the reader get to know them better. My challenge is to spend more time writing my novel. I will continue to follow fellow writers on Facebook to see how their writing journey is going, to be encouraged as they reach pivotal points in their writing career and the opportunity to encourage them as well.

Is there a writer within you that you'd like to develop on a more intentional level?

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  1. Good point! I never thought about it that way! Hope you're doing well and having a good summer :-)