Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shore to shore

I wish I could say that things are happening in my writing world. Except for spending some time going over a few chapters of my WIP (work in progress) I have done very little writing. Life has kept me busy. I started a full time job with the Biblical Recorder as their Circulation Manager in May. Does that count for writing? Okay, I know the answer. It is interesting to see a different side of writing; that is publication and what it takes to produce the end product and distribute it. I’m enjoying the work and hopefully things will settle down and I can get back to writing.

It was nice to have our son home from college for the summer and once again hear his acoustical guitar come alive as he enjoys creating his own music. The month of July my husband took 3 weeks off from his pharmacy job to travel to Papua New Guinea for his first international mission trip. It was a trip of faith on his part to go and mine to survive without him here. The four days of travel were tiring as he hopped across four countries. The experience gave him a new insight into the lives of missionary families.

He took this trip to visit the Crosland Family in Madang whom we support through Wycliffe and are just completing their first year in PNG. Join their page and learn what life is like in PNG. They are doing a giveaway to celebrate their first year. Read on their blog how you can be eligible.

While Gene was there he participated in doing construction of an addition to their home to accommodate their family and soon the baby that will arrive to join them. They will be traveling to Australia to await the birth and then return to the mission field. Gene got to experience life there, meet the nationals, make friends, enjoy lots of fresh picked fruit, snorkeling, share his faith and minister to our friends. We both appreciate the prayers and financial support of the faithful during his time of preparation and while there.

I have to mention one national (Papua New Guinean) named Talad that he worked alongside during his stay. He connected with him and they soon became friends and Talad attempted to teach a ‘southerner’ some of their native language Tok Pisin. Talad works at the (POC) Pacific Orientation Course which is the Wycliffe Center in PNG for orienting new missionaries. I will post a photo of Talad in front of his modest bamboo house he is building for his family. He was proud to show it to Gene. He still has much to do including adding a thatch roof.

God also coincidently used Gene when someone learned of his upcoming trip and knew of a missionary friend serving in the mountain region of Ukarumpa who was in need of her next year’s supply of MS drugs. There were many concerns with the space to transport and the fact that refrigeration was needed for the drugs. But God handled the timing, provided knowledgeable people for advice, took care of the details and used it as an instrument for sharing his journey as he traveled from airport to airport. The medication survived the endless hours of travel and was safely delivered to the missionary teacher. Gene said that witnessing firsthand how Matt and Tiffany so graciously minister to the nationals was truly inspiring and gave him a new perspective as he evaluates how he serves others.

Thanks for allowing me to share and the opportunity to put pen in hand once again or shall I say stroke the keyboard. Write On!