Monday, May 2, 2011

Dancing with the Bride

It looks like warm weather is here to stay. Two weeks ago it made its way with a bang as tornadoes stirred all around causing significant damage and loss of lives in our area. But our damage seemed mild compared to the ones that struck Alabama last week. You realize how fragile our earthly life can be and to be thankful for the grace of God during all storms of life.

Last evening we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of our neighbor friend’s daughter, Megan. She is an attractive young woman, not shy but feisty. Her grandfather shared with me that they thought that day would never come for her. For Megan has been in a wheel chair all her life. But she hasn’t let that keep her from living. She’s attended school and college. And has led an active life supported by her family and friends who were in attendance at this special ceremony which was held outside on the grounds of an old plantation. She was beautiful in her wedding dress with her groom beside her surrounded by smiling bridesmaids. The minister, a family relative, conducted the service with words that applied to everyone whether just married or celebrating 50 years of marriage. He shared simple suggestions for keeping your marriage healthy and alive.

One particular moment during the evening that touched my heart was the Bride and Groom dance followed by the Bride and Dad dance. Megan gracefully maneuvered her wheel chair with circles and turns while holding her groom’s hands as they danced to the music across the parquet flooring. I watched as she kept her eye on her groom using the force of inertia through the strength of her arms allowing her wheels to turn in the desired direction. It was better than any ‘Dancing with the Stars’ performance that I’ve seen.

During the reception my husband and I sat with our neighbors. Because our homes all sit on acres of land we had not had the opportunity to meet some of them. One of the families lost their 23 year old son while serving in Iraq last year. I took the opportunity to thank them for their son’s service to our country and to share condolences in their loss. This proud dad talked about his son but it was apparent his grief was still too fresh. I regretted that I had caused his pain to resurface. I turned the conversation to less personal topics and by the end of the evening we felt that we gotten acquainted and made new friends.

In the last year I’ve been searching for a job. I was called for an interview this past week for a position that I had recently applied. At this point in life I don’t get very nervous doing interviews and I know God is in control. This would be an opportunity to work for a Christian publication and a great organization. So as scripture says in Isaiah 40:31 – “Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.” (NAS).

I’m thankful for the wisdom of God’s word and how it applies to life past, life present and life future.