Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clogging, Exercising, Marching and Sacrifice

A month has passed since my last post to the blog. It’s been a busy time. I’ve had four articles published in The Wake Weekly. Each article has been between 600-700 words. After doing the research and interviewing it’s hard for me to compress them down to less which is okay since they are feature articles. I find that I enjoy doing all of them because I always have information that I take away and I have the opportunity to meet and interview people I otherwise may not have met.

The article titled “Local Kids Revive Appalachian Heritage at the State Fair” was enjoyable. These were young children approximately ages 6-11 who were one of many ‘cloggers’ who performed at the State Fair. In this particular group were two families of siblings, one family had previous experience and the other family just started clogging this year. I had an opportunity to see a demonstration of their talent and how much they enjoyed learning this favorite form of dance that is a part of NC’s history. The State Fair competition is named for Bascum Lunsford who was instrumental in promoting this style of dance. You may enjoy watching a video of him on You Tube that was part of a documentary.

I also met three wonderful ladies who each battled breast cancer. They all participate in the Survivor Fit Program at the Wakefield Rex Wellness Center. Sue Gann brought this story to my attention. She is one of the instructors who works with cancer survivors to help them rebuild their strength and their well-being after weeks and months of cancer treatment. They were a hoot to meet and interview. Their positive attitudes and willingness to give their best in the program was an encouragement to me.

Another story was about a private Christian high school marching band from Raleigh, NC that received the People’s Choice Award and then gave it to a marching band from a city school in Savannah, Georgia that had impressed them during the competition. It brought together two groups of young students through a mutual respect for their particular instruments and marching skills.

Lastly I was given a special assignment for a Holiday Issue “Local military families learn to be flexible during the holidays.” I do not have family in the military but know friends with children, who have served, are serving and who have lost their loved ones in Iraq. We are reminded of the homeless and needy during Christmas. We don’t always think about the families who are separated from their soldier sons or daughters during the holidays when families gather or those with an empty seat at their dinner table this Christmas because of the ultimate sacrifice.

This is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ who lived and died so that we can have everlasting life. He is the one who gives us true hope and peace. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share the stories of others through my writing and to see how God is there in the midst of our lives. And now I have to get back to writing my article about Christmas Carols which is due tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

“For today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11