Friday, August 13, 2010

Another World

If you grew up in the 60's you'd remember there was a soap opera by that name. I remember because my mom was a fan. To those in the mission field 'another world' could be China, Turkey or India. Our friends, the Croslands start their journey today to another world called Papau New Guinea. They are leaving SC and traveling with their five little ones on five different flights to get to their new home which will take a couple of days.

As their Gatekeepers we were able to spend some time with them and learn what their new life will be like in PNG where they will work for an organization that does translation. There are over 800 languages in PNG. Their oldest Mae, age 9 is very excited about moving and in four years I suspect she will have a few stories to tell. Did I mention that Mae is a writer? She writes their newsletter from the children's perspective which I enjoy reading.

I admire them for their adventuresome spirit and their spiritual faith as they exchange the comforts of living in the states for a modest home; a diet of kou kou (yam) and tropical fruit in a new country. They ask for prayers as they adjust and particularly for traveling with their five little children the youngest under 2.

Their faith has reminded me that I need to rely more on my faith in my writing or any endeavors. With the Lord leading me I know his way is better than my own. As a writer I have found other Christian writers to be the most encouraging and supportive to those of us just starting on the journey.

I'm reading "Writing for the Soul" by Jerry Jenkins whom I met at the Blue Ridge Conference. As a kid he had aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player. Because of injuries he turned to sports writing in high school and then for a local newspaper. He eventually published several biographies of sports figures as well as others before writing the infamous "Left Behind" series. He was a keynote speaker at the writers conference and I found him to be genuine and a humble man who has accomplished what other writers only dream about. Like the Crosland's he puts his faith in the Lord and follows His lead.

Make the best of the world you're given and follow the One who knows the Way!
(Flamingo Photo by Daphne)


  1. Thanks for letting us know about your friends who will be serving in another country. And Mae sounds like a great little writer. I'm thankful she has you to encourage her!

  2. That's what we're all trying to do as Christian writers, I hope. "Make the best of the world we're given and follow the ONE who knows the way."

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Write2Ignite! Conference

  3. Hey Daphne, Somewhere in Proverbs it says a man's gift makes way for him...your responsibility as Gatekeepers, your love for the Lord, your pursuit of expressing it all in writing...May all you put your hand to be blessed.