Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Last Day as Chick Fil A Mascot

Okay, so maybe you didn't know that besides writing I've been working as a mascot at a local mall for Chick Fil A. Back in November, my husband suggested I find employment during the holidays and hopefully they would keep me after Christmas too. After searching for a year and a half for a secretarial job (old school)now known as Administrative Assistant without any luck I ran across an online ad for the Cow Mascot. I was determined someone would hire me and I thought being a mascot would be a fun job. I was right. You could compare it to being a clown where you entertain. I've entertained in the mall, at schools, YMCA's, Macys, Belks and marched during an ROTC Drill Competition to name a few.

At our store in Triangle Town Center I was given a cow handler. Which has been helpful fending off cow tippers and tail pullers. My handler is essential in getting me dressed and in emergencies like a recent episode where my fan batteries exploded while I was of all things working with the area fire departments for a mall event. I thought cow might have to "stop, drop and roll"! It's been 'my pleasure' spending time with children from ages 1-80, posing for impromptu photos, being Santa Cow, photo shoot with the Easter Bunny, marching with the drill team and meeting wonderful senior mall walkers. Though I prefer hiding my identity to those I'm entertaining, some are surprised to learn that there is a 55 yr. old female in that cow suit. Unfortunately that means my knees are the same age and part of the reason for me closing my act. Today I'm dressed as Fireman Cow promoting our new spicy sandwich which is delicious!

I tip my fireman hat to my friends at the TTC Chick Fil A store. To Rally De Leon, Owner Operator you've been an awesome employer and a shining light in the mall. To his sweet family thanks for helping me during events and mall walks. Thanks to the wonderful cow handlers who helped me with the heavy costume. A special thanks to Ashley our Marketing Manager who is such an upbeat and hard working young woman. You've been fun to work with and I look forward to joining you for coffee upstairs! I have a new appreciation for all the hard workers in the kitchen who hustle to prepare the quality product day in and day out. To the other managers, cashiers on staff, and food samplers you made it a joy to come to work. I will miss you all and I will miss being your COW!

I've sensed God encouraging me to pursue my writing and will now have more time and energy to concentrate on my goals in that arena. I will pursue publication of my devotionals and a devotional book along with freelance article writing.

Thanks Cow, it's been fun!


  1. Daphne you always have kind, encouraging, and generous words to share. Please keep in touch and I hope Gene is mending well with minimal pain.

    1. 'My pleasure'. You are a wonderful example of a Godly man, like my Gene. Gene is improving day by day. Thanks.