Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue Ridge Conference Count Down

It's Mother's Day today. I was reminded in our morning service that anything we do we do unto the Lord and that includes all the motherly duties like washing clothes, fixing meals,running kids to doctor appointments to name a few. As a writer I'm reminded of how God can use me as his instrument through written word. While I'm not the breadwinner or the quarterback I guess you could say I'm an important part of the team. And at least I'm not sitting on the bench.

Our college son graciously cleaned house while I was at my part-time job yesterday and I am very grateful. It gave me some time to prepare for conference. BAD computer was attacked yesterday by what appears to be a virus and I had several things I needed to do before the conference. I decided I'm not going to stress about it because God is in control.

I submitted my material to the conference and did save copies just in case. Outside of the conference I've submitted a story for a book that will be published in Fall 2011. I will be contacted in September if it has been accepted. Actually I'm already looking forward to my rejection letter. Now I'm not being pessimistic. I know from other writers that rejections are how we learn and grow.

I took a writing class at a local college and I asked my professor if she had any of her writings published. And her response was " couldn't handle the rejection so I've never submitted anything for publication." I decided then that I would had least try even at the risk of getting rejected. My goal is to continue to submit smaller stories, articles and devotions until I complete my first book.

If possible I will try to blog about the conference next week and can't wait to tell you about my experiences. This will be my first trip to Ridgecrest near Asheville. Having just returned from Boone last week to pick up our son from college I'm already looking forward to the cooler mountain air. I will enjoy meeting other first time conference attendees,absorbing the knowledge of our speakers and sharing time of fellowship.

One week till conference!

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